#CRAZYFOOTBALLSTORIES: Alois Bunjira recalls Walvis Bay nightlife, Cup win

Stolen from Bunjira

The Zimbabwe National team was invited by Namibia to celebrate their Independence and that of Walvis Bay in early 1995, ZIFA decided to send the National Under 23 team as we were preparing for the All Africa games.

We went to Walvis Bay and got accommodated at some hostel in Swakopmund, we didn’t care much as we were enjoying the beauty of Swakopmund and the clean beach.

For some players it was the first time to see a beach soooooo…

The match was to be played on the Saturday at 10am at the stadium where the Walvis Bay Independence rally was taking place.

On the Friday a Zimbabwean guy based in Swakopmund came to our camp and promised to take us out in the evening after a few guys had asked him where we could have some fun, fresh air and obviously get to check out some of the beautiful ladies of Swakopmund as the guys was tuning…😂😂😂

You know boys..

We agreed on the evening date and after supper when Wieslaw Grabowski and coach Lovemore Nyabeza had gone to their rooms we all sneaked out of camp, jumped into the hired taxis and drove off to a township called Mondhesa.

The Zim guy took us to a night club…haaaa guys that club was on fire.

I remember vividly Edelbert Dinha dominating the dance floor while his tracksuit jacket was tied to his waist, Vusi Laher was his supporting act…kkkk

Who cared about the Walvis Bay trophy at 10am the next morning we left the night club at around 2am when we arrived, coach Nyabeza was standing by the gate kkkkkk

Takaunganidzwa tese by the gate ipapo all he said was: “To tell you the truth guys ,God does not like this”

Kkkkkkkkkk, he said it in a very sad tone and then walked away to his room, we were left standing there quietly then I remember Eddie saying: “Guys, we have to win the match”

We retired to our rooms had breakfast that morning and headed for the match.

We played like men possessed against the Namibia Senior National team, we beat them 2-1.Robert Zvomuya and I scored for Zimbabwe and we were the inaugural Walvis Trophy champions.

Coach Nyabeza didn’t say a thing, he joined in the celebrations (May his soul continue to rest in peace). Grabowski never knew what had happened the previous night, maybe he knows now after reading this post kkkkkk.

Ha I miss that bunch of talented, naughty footballers, we had some great times…but naughty naughty naughty 😂😂😂