#CRAZYFOOTBALLSTORIES: Cephas Chimedza speaks on his Dynamos debut, Honour Gombami and Zambian escapades

This article was stolen from former Dynamos and Caps United player Cephas Chimedza


2001 the year I made my debut both for the Warriors and Dynamos.
I was on the bench my first ever selection and it was against Bosso at Rufaro, crazy and unforgettable day.

We were at Cresta Lodge, then after our team talk everyone got their playing kits; back then a new player would usually wear the shirt of someone who would have been dropped but it was decided I shouldn’t wear a certain number that was available on that day.

I only had a tracksuit on when we left for Rufaro. Craziest atmosphere in the bus for me at that time, that’s when I really learnt wat it meant for Dynamos to play against Bosso.

The bus driver was told he is going to drop us off right in the middle of the field.

It felt like I was dreaming, stepping out of that bus to wild cheers and roars…childhood dreams fulfilled.

The match started and I remember seeing this young Bosso player running the show in midfield from the bench. He was very good I tell you. I Later learnt his name was Honour Gombambi.

In the second half Bosso were awarded a penalty and Charles Chilufya scored and just after that something happened that scared the shit out of me.

We were using that famous L-Sporto kit ,a brand new was given to Bambo on the bench and he was telling the medic to tape a number and give it to me. Bambo was shouting like “What’s taking so long do it and give him.”

Number 44 was taped and thrown to me and we were immediately sent to warm up.

I don’t remember much of it but certain fans were coming to the fence to ask my name. All that time I was just saying and praying kuti ndisadaidzwe naBambo.

Not a match for young boys that unless you’re Honour 😂😂😂


Luckily I didn’t get to play and we lost 1-0, just as we got back to the hotel Bambo called me and said: “Mboma you’ve been called up to the national team to play against Zambia, as you know we are playing the Madison Trophy final next weekend so I can’t promise you a place in the team.”

So national team it was and we were at Cresta meaning there was no need for me to change rooms.

The rest of the players joined camp and we were told we were traveling in the morning to Zambia.

To our surprise we were going to use those CMED buses, the white ones with a big blue stripe. That’s from Harare to Zambia with such a bus!

It was an arduous journey to say the least, luckily as we got to the Zambian boarder a luxurious bus was waiting for us.

The match was part of the Independence celebrations and AFCON preps for Zambia so the government was involved.

On matchday I was playing left back, a position I had played for only a few games at school and U20s.

The winger I was playing against didn’t give me problems but their right back did, he was strong, fast and tireless, always attacking.

The whole stadium would shout Babayaro whenever he was in possession or attacking. Haaaa ndakambonzwa, by the way the right back was Laughter Chilembe.

I was substituted during halftime haa ndakafara.

We lost the match 4-0. 3 of those goals were own goals. Maketo, Dematsika and I think James Matola were the victims.

We were told we have to play another game in Ndola, that’s where it got interesting. I will skip the football match and go straight to after the match.

Like I said before the Zambian government was involved so we were paid handsomely after that match. I was in form 4, just before my O level exams.

Boys being boys we went out, I think I was not at an age to do so 😂.

Certain guys brought back girls, I was INNOCENT.

10 mins or so after we got back there was commotion in one room, utter chaos. Almost all the players ran there to see wat was wrong. A lot of half naked boys 😛.

The owner of the room was like: “I just went in the bathroom and I come back and all my money is gone. It’s only me and this girl. We searched everywhere and nothing to be found.”

Then one soldier in our team said: “It’s time to insert fingers in certain parts.”

The girl professed her innocence and willingly opened to be searched 🤦🤦. Nothing was found.”

The soldier went to his room and brought back a knife and said it’s only the stomach we haven’t searched.

The girl was now panicking and for some reasons there was still one player doing a bodily search and he just shouted I found it. Ndaiwana boys,mari yanga yakaiswa kumanyowa like deep inside 😂😂.

This story yapedza my bottle of wine. Sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes. I can’t go over it again.