Luphahla encourages Rural Soccer to strive for excellence

Warriors and Highlanders legend aswell as telone coach has encouraged grasroots soccer in Lupane to strive for excellence so that they may play in professional soccer.

Joel Luphahla, Dubai as he was affectionately known was approached by the Catch Them Young Academy in Lupane to help them to nature and grew world class talent both for players and coaches.

Luphahla highlighted that a footballer should have a purpose “The important thing without going any further is that a player must know why he wants to play football,u nid to have that self motivation as to why u want to be a professional footballer”,he said.

Luphahla alluded that structures need to be created in order to magnet sponsors.
“You need to be organised to attract such partnerships,Sponsors need good documentation to be enticed because corporates may gain less in pumping out money to rural areas.You also need to have something in your own coffers,dont go with an empty begging bowl”,Luphahla said.

The former speedy winger also encouraged aspiring coaches to acquire coaching license as doors will always open.
“It doesnt mater where you no mater who is watching you always strive to be de best at wat u do 1day somebody wil take u to greater heights,acquire those coaching licenses one day you will coach great teams are take your teams to prestigious leagues.

He also encouraged rural boys to keep their heads up and continue with their talents as they will one day shine to stardom giving himself as an example.

“I was noticed by Madinda Ndlovu in Tsholotsho rural areas when he had merely came for his personal business,he took me to Highlanders were my story begun”,Luphahla said.

Luphahla also ecouraged the Lupane rural coaches to adopt news forms of training so as to bring technical play to their teams

“A training session without a cone or marker means as a coach ur team wil have challenges having the shape or tactical organisation becomes a challenge as u wil have players running allover.football is now easy when demacated and this will also help rural players to adapt even when they move to play in the cities”,he said

Dubai also encouraged aspiring players to be disciplined so that they can play for a long time

Discipline is the way to go as a player.A player must be disciplined and keep his head straight wiggling away from substance addiction and girls especially if you still beginning your career.

Luphahla is also a footballer from the rural background who rose to play for Highlanders and played in Cyprus together with Highlanders and warriors legend Zenzo Moyo.Luphahla played for the Zimbabwe National team which made history appearing for the first-time in the Afcon 2004 and he also played for its second dance in 2004.Luphahla has begun his coaching career leading new boys TelOne in the topflight league

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