Troubled Zireni’s hopes of bouncing back hits snag?

Former Warriors, Bantu Rovers, Bulawayo City and Bulawayo Chiefs player, Proud Zireni’s attempts at another shot in the premiership recently might have hit a brick wall after the troubled forward was stabbed by Injiva in Lupane over the festive season.

By MatchDay Zimbabwe

Zireni was followed by Injiva hoping to find valuable possessions from him and stabbed him on the chest, missing his heart by a few inches according to his medical report.

He was then ferried to St. Lukes Hospital where he was admitted for close to a week.

The talented Zireni who is now financially struggling and has since moved back to their family home in Lupane intimated to MatchDay Zimbabwe that he had done everything right this time around but fate just did not want it to be.

“I have stopped drinking and smoking and had been training with a local team, Indlovu Stars to keep fit as I tried to recondition myself for the premiership.

“I was really looking forward to playing for Chiefs this season but now that I have this injury I do not know what the future holds for me anymore,” said Zireni.

Zireni who captained Zimbabwe’s national U23 side also said that before the incident Bulawayo Chiefs coach, Thulani Ncube had been in constant contact with his mother as he sought to rehabilitate the player.

“Thutsi has been communicating with my mother since last year as I had no mobile phone then. My mother then told me to be ready because they will be calling me to Bulawayo to play this season and that is what I had been doing all along before this tragedy.

The seemingly repentant midfielder said that he hopes his former pay masters will still consider him after he has nursed his injury.

“I have turned a new leaf in my life, Thutsi showed faith in me and I would like to repay that. I just hope they will consider me when I come back from this setback,” he added.

Zireni had been plagued by alcohol abuse which saw him lose all his investments and move back to Lupane, 175 kilometres away from Bulawayo.